Levelezési teszt - milyen elektronikus levelező vagy?

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Szeretnéd megtudni, mennyire vagy profi az emailezésben? Sokan azt hiszik, hogy ebben a témában mindent tudnak, de vajon tényleg így van? Tesztünk segítségével 3 perc alatt megtudhatod, hogy mennyire ismered és alkalmazod az elektronikus levelezés írott és íratlan szabályait. Csak 12 kérdés! Lehetnek meglepetések…

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  • This was a great piece but the writing style was clearly similar to Anthony Bourdain, believe I thinks okay, good writers steal from the great writers and hire amazing editors. I love reading Tony Bourdain and have met him on a few occasions in DC. Everything the Chef Grinker said is absolutely true, similar to what Tony says in Kitchen Confidential. It nearly the, decade or so that Kitchen Confidential has come out not much has changed, and this 5@5 has clearly pointed out. Cooks are still paid nothing for amazing services and are treated even more poorly by most chefs, however I won’t say all chefs. I like this post, it did annoy me a bit by how much the writing style was like Bourdains, but that’s because I’m a Bourdain fan.

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  • babysprinkle szerint:

    > I think mine is the more common opinion but of course everyone is entitled to their Well I think my opinion is more popular among players who played both KoTOR1 and KoTOR2+RCM for more than 10 Tbh my personal opinion is "flawed" because I played KoTOR2 first and it was hard to accept things that were in KoTOR2 but not in KoTOR1, fleshed out characters with not schematic relations - T3-M4 in KoTOR1 was disappointing after T3-M4 from KoTOR2; Carth delivered some piece of dialogue every level up, in very schematic, boring way; and his story was pretty dull and On the other hand, I must say that HK-47 was cool in KoTOR1

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